Third Match of Men’s Hockey India Vs Australia Ended at a Draw

May 13, 2019

With the two consecutive wins of Men’s Hockey Team India in the five-day match series at Australia, team India was well prepared for their next win. The opposing team Australia ‘A’ also seemed confident to break the record this time. Both the teams played well and it was a quite exciting match and ended at a draw with a score IND 1-1 AUS.

Below are the highlights of the match:

Quarter 1 – The first quarter started with full enthusiasm, with both the teams striving to give a shot at the goal. In the early minutes, team India got the ball possession but missed scoring a goal. Team Australia ‘A’ took the next opportunity and made their first circle entry. In the following minutes PC was awarded to India, but great shots at the goal were missed. Team Australia tried hard to score the first goal but saved by Krishan B Pathak. The next PC was awarded to Australia ‘A’ but all the great shots were saved. India got another circle entry but missed a goal. Both the teams were aggressive to record a goal first, but unfortunately, at the end of the first quarter, the score remained IND 0-0 AUS.

Quarter 2 – India Team seemed too focused on the goal and made another circle entry, but the opposing team showed great defensive skills and saved. Team Australia gave an excellent shot in the next minutes and finally scored a goal in the 21st minute. India team gave another great shot to equalize the score, before the first half end but unfortunately unable to. So the score at the end of the first half was IND 0-1 AUS.

Quarter 3 – In the early minutes of the 3rd quarter, India got the PC and there was a great shot by Akashdeep Singh, but again saved. Australia team give the next shot but saved by Surender Kumar. PC was awarded to India, but despite great efforts of Rupinder and Manpreet, no goal was recorded. The team got the possession as well, but Australian goalkeepers saved every shot and the score at the end of the third quarter remained the same IND 0-1 AUS with Australia having the lead.

Quarter 4 – Again the team India got the possession and a circle entry was made by Sumit Kumar but then a counterattack by opposing team and got the possession and a circle entry was made but unable to score a goal. In the next minutes, India’s another circle entry by Akashdeep Singh and then a PC took by Harmanpreet Singh and a great shot but again saved. In the last minutes, again PC was awarded to India and took by Harmanpreet Singh and finally a goal at the 56th minute. So, finally the score equalized, and there was a draw between the teams.

Well done teams!

The next match of the series is scheduled to be held on 15th May at 14:30 hrs IST.

Keep watching this space for further updates of the match.

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