Men’ Hockey – A Team Without a Coach.

December 10, 2010

The men’ Hockey team of India is without a coach in these days because both the main Instructors the National and foreigner have left the team.

Coach Harendra Singh resigned from his post after India’s defeat in the semi final against Malaysia, whereas Coach Brasa’s had left India as his controversial tenure ends after Asian Games. Hockey India (HI) Official and Center Govt. Sports Ministry has not renewed the contract of John Brasa, pretending that they are not happy with his performance.
However HI officials has started giving hints to the media that they are not in mood of hiring another foreign coach, so this time boys will most probably be under “Swadeshi” Coach. Final Decision will be taken within this month or early next month (January 2011).
It is important to mention that Current Captain Rajpal Singh and few others senior players have no objection in hiring any foreign Instructor. Rajpal has already given the statement in favour of an Australian coach.
Rajpal’s fresh statement in this issue was:

“Instead of randomly picking anybody, Hockey India should invite applications for the post of chief coach just like the BCCI. The coach can be a foreigner or Indian but what matters is his performance and attitude towards players. Personally, I am in favour of Australian coach.
The Indian cricket team is hugely successful because they have professionally chosen support staff. We should adopt this in hockey also to avoid any controversy in future.
We also need a foreign trainer as the trainers in India are not that good. Definitely, sport psychologist will help us a lot and we need one.”

Right Now India Hockey Team is without any Coach and these kinds of misleading pays a lot, as right now team is in nobodies hands. There is no regular defined calendar for their training or practising. Indian Hockey team seems active only few months a year when they have to play any tournament and rest of the time no body cares for their training sessions or to keep them busy with the game.
HI should also think about increasing no. of international matches team play in a year so that they should keep them updated about what’s happening in hockey around the world. This will help HI to keep hockey in media and increase public’s interest in Hockey as they will read/listen about Hockey moving around. It will be better for future of Hockey in India.