Pargat Singh in Hockey India Board

December 12, 2010

S. Pargat Singh “Former Indian Captain and one of the world’s best Player in his times” is appointed as chairman of the development committee in Hockey India on Saturday by governing council. Parget Singh will be leading development committee of 7 members.
Other members of committee will be selected on 14th of December.
Hockey India may also decide about both teams (men and women) coaches very soon.

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  1. Sanjay Yadav

    This is very good news.. Pargat is one of the few Personalities who has spent his life for Indian Hockey and today also he is working for the welfare of Hockey in India. Let’s see if Pargat can do something better for Indian Hockey as he will find much resistance within Hockey India organisation.

  2. Amarpal Singh Gill

    Pargat Singh should be appointed as head of Hockey organization of India. we should remove all those corrupt political leaders from hockey organization.

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  4. Steve

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