Australia beat India by 3 -1 in Final Men Hockey Champions Trophy 2018

July 1, 2018

was the final Match between India and Australia. Both teams were full of energy and excitement as this was the last match of Men Hockey Champions Trophy. So check out the Details here:

1 Quarter 1 : At the Beginning Australia run with the ball but good defense by Surender kumar. Penalty corner for India but Howard did great job and saved. Another Penalty corner for India and Australian were under a little pressure. Dilpreet with a slight deflection but fails to give India a lead. India and Australia both were at 0 – 0 at the end of the first Quarter.

2.  Quarter 2: Penalty corner for India at the beginning of second quarter but Harmanpreet singh missed it completely. Chances for Australia but Birender Lakra snatches the ball and sweeps away. Penalty corner for Australia. Goal and Huge Celebration in Australia side.  Australia leads India 1 -0 at half time.

Quarter 3 : At the beginning penalty corner for India but they fails to convert it into goal. India have asked for referral but lost it. After few minutes Vivek Prasad draws India level with goal. At the end both were at 1 -1.

Quarter 4: Final and fourth quarter gets underway. Brilliant effort by Dilpreet , he was so close to goal. India was trying hard to win the match. Less than a minute to go into the match and Australia hit the Goal. Sardar shows efforts but miss the chance and now Australia took lead by 2 -0. Manpreet scores and relief in India side. At the end Edwards scores and Australian Team win the Champions Trophy 2018. India lost 3 – 1 against Australia.

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