Everything that is happening in Indian Hockey

India Lost to South Korea by 3-4

It was a tough fight between two teams but at the end results comes as a loss to India. Indian Team Players claim that its due to wrong umpiring. Anyways loss is a loss.


India beat Malaysia 2-0 and have ticket to World Cup

India continue with its unbeatable journey in this tournament and in finals now. Another big thing is India got a ticket to World Cup where as Pakistan lose to Korea Today.

Goals in India Malaysia Match:

  • V. R. Raghunath – 8th Min.
  • Man. Singh – 60th min.

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India Win by 9-1

India Thrashed Bangladesh by 9-1 and will play to Malaysia in semi-final at 30-Aug at 9:45PM where as Pakistan will play to Korea on same day 7:30PM.


  • R.P. Singh Goal 4 Goals (3′, 19′, 27′, 61′ mins)
  • Thimmaih Goal 1 Goal (24′ min)
  • V. R. Raghunath 3 Goals (29′, 52′, 60′ mins)
  • Man. Singh Goal 1 Goal (47′ min)

Check out full Schedule and Results here