Asian Games 2018 – Japan Beat India in The Final by 2 – 1

August 31, 2018

Hello Hockey Lovers! Decisive day of Asian Hockey Games 2018. India women’s hockey team reached in the ground with full confidence and will be trying to win the gold medal after a long wait of 36 years. Check the updates of India vs Japan Women Hockey Final here:

First Quarter: First quarter started and first attack by Japan but good save by Savita. Good chance for India but Rani Rampal missed it. India trying to put pressure on the Japanese defense. Both teams are desperate to get the lead. India expected the foul but the referee refused. Penalty corner for India but failed to convert into a goal. After a few minutes, first penalty corner for Japan. Goal!! India tried to push their team forward. At the end of first quarter, score was India 0 and Japan 1.

Second Quarter: Second quarter started. Indian team looks aggressive and tries to open the Japanese defense. Goal!! Good job by Navneet kaur and Neha Goyal. At the end of the second quarter, both teams were 1-1.

Third Quarter: Second half and the third quarter started. Final ten minutes of the third quarter to go. India on the counter-attack. Timely tackle by the Japanese defender. Japanese looks aggressive at the moment. Good job by Vandana. Penalty corner for Japan and Goal. At the end of the third quarter, score 2 – 1. Japan in the lead.

Final Quarter: Do and Die condition for both teams. 15 Minutes for Indian team to do something. Lovely variations by Japan and pressure on the Indian queens. Japan on the counter-attack. Final 5 minutes left and Japan keeping Possession taking the ball to the flanks and wasting time. Indian queens are desperate to equalize the game. Under two minutes to go, Savita steps off and Monika out with yellow card. Chance for India and its over. India loses 1-2.

Japan won the final of Asian Games 2018. Sad moments for Indian Hockey fans. India Settled Silver medal.

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