Asian Games 2018 – India Lose to Malaysia by 7- 6 in Shoot Out

August 30, 2018

Hello Hockey Lovers! Bad news for Indian Hockey fans. India loses to Malaysia in the semi final. Today was the semi final of Asian Hockey games 2018 India vs Malaysia. Check the highlights here:

First Quarter: First quarter started and India got its first penalty corner. No Goal! And few minutes Foul and Malaysia got chance but failed. Goal disallowed. Again Penalty corner for India but foul. Malaysian Player Muhammad Husain got yellow card. Dilpreet singh took video Referral and penalty corner for India but saved. Penalty corner for Malaysia, well saved by Sreejesh. Score 0-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter: Free hit for India. Penalty corner for MalaysiaHarmanpreet fouls the Malaysian player. India on the counter attack. penalty corner for India but saved by Malaysian Goalkeepers. Score was still 0 0.

Third Quarter: Chance for Malaysia at the beginning of third quarter but missed it. Penalty corner for India and Its Goal!! Good job by Harmanpreet Singh. India got another penalty corner but good defense by Malaysia. They were on counter attack and Goal for Malaysia. After few minutes Goal for India and Varun Kumar restores India’s Lead. Score at the end of third quarter was 2-1.

Fourth Quarter: Penalty corner for Malaysia but saved by India. Only three minutes of the final quarter and Goal for Malaysia. Now score was equal and both teams were desperate to get a Goal. After the final whistle score was 2 -2.

Shoot Out: Firan Ahsari scores for Malaysia. Goal for India and score was equal again. A great effort by both teams No goal again and again. Harmanpreet singh scored and 2nd goal for India. At the end Malaysia was at 7 and India 6. Malaysia won the game.

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