Bronze is ours, Well done team India!

August 5, 2021

After a wait of 41 years, India won a medal in Hockey at the Olympics. In today’s mettlesome match, India beat Germany 5-4 and made the country proud. Another medal at the Olympics. India’s total medal tally is now at four, 3 Bronze, and 1 silver. The country is still hoping to get its first Gold at the most anticipated games.

Here are the highlights of today’s match:

Men’s hockey bronze medal match: INDvGER

8:50 AM, India won a historic men’s hockey bronze match. It was 1980 when India last climbed up the Olympic podium and won its 8th Gold at the Summer Games.

8:47 AM, Another PC to Germany. But it has been saved. India leads 5-4.

8:43 AM, Germany earned its 8th PC. But India survived. The 5-4 lead is still unhurt. Two minutes left to end the match,

8:34 AM, PC to Germany. But India managed to defence well, PC thwarted. India leads 5-4 in Q4.

8:31 AM, It was a head-to-head chance for Mandeep. Had just the goalkeeper to beat, but missed. India is ahead 5-4.

8:26 AM, Penalty corner for Germany and they scored. The game is tensed now. The difference between teams is reduced to one goal now. India 5-4 Germany.

8:20 AM, Third quarter ends. India leads 5-3.

8:17 AM, Germany is ferocious now. They managed to earn a PC but India defended well,. Lead is still intact 5-3.

8:10 AM, India earned another PC. But it has been averted by Germany. Team leads 5-3. Five minutes left in the third quarter.

8:04 AM, And another goal for team India. Simranjeet scored his second goal in the match. India began by trailing 1-3 and now leading 5-3. A high-spirited match for winning a bronze at the event.

8:00 AM, GOAL! Rupinder steps in, goaled off a PC. India is ahead 4-3 in the third quarter.

7:58 AM, India earned another PC. Germans ask for a referral, the decision is upheld.

7:47 AM, Another goal to team India. This time Harmanpreet equalised the game by scoring off a PC. Both teams are 3-3.

7:43 AM, There is a shower of goals at the OI Hockey Stadium. India attacked back, earned a PC. Hardik Singh scores a goal in favour of India. India 2-3 Germany in Q2.

7:39 AM, Third goal to Germany’s court. Germans now ahead 3-1, India is made to pay for its negligence in defence.

7:37 AM, Another goal to Germany. Opponents restored their lead 2-1. Six minutes left to Q2 end.

7:29 AM, It’s a GOAL! India scored early in Q2. Coach Graham Reid jumps in joy. Thanks to Simranjeet for the reverse strike and equalise the score. India and Germany are both 1-1.

7:23 AM, First quarter ends. India survived a bombardment of PCs in the last minutes. We need a better structure in the next 45 minutes, at least at the defence.

7:15 AM, India is trying to enter into the German circle but the structure in the attack has been missing.

7:10 AM, Almost half time left for the first quarter to end. Germany is in the dominion. India lags 0-1.

7:05 AM, Penalty corner to India. Harmanpreet to take it, but the team failed to convert. Germany is still in lead.

7:02 AM, Germany secured its first goal. Lead India through a field goal 1-0.

7:00 AM, Whistle blew! Both teams all braced up to take on the opponent.

Meanwhile, with the announcement of the results, the whole country came to roads to celebrate team India’s victory at the Olympics. Here are some glimpses from around the country.

On the other hand, other sportspersons and influential people took on Twitter to congratulate the national team for bringing a medal after a wait of 41 years. Here is what they tweeted.

What a match team India. You made India proud.

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