INDvARG|Argentina won 2-1, India will battle for bronze against GBR

August 3, 2021

It was a spectacular game. Argentina defeated India 2-1 at today’s high spirited match. They will now fight for gold against the Netherlands on Friday. While India is still in the race to get a medal and will compete for Bronze against Great Britain.

Although today’s match was disappointing for team India as they were behind the opponent with just one goal. This, however, counted as the best performance of the women hockey team as they defeated the world no. 2 champions Australia in the quarters and made it to the semis for the first time at the Olympics.

PM appreciates the team’s efforts at the stadium.

Fingers crossed! Hoping for a medal in Hockey at the Olympics.

Here are the highlights of today’s match:

5:05 PM, Game Over! Argentina won over India 2-1. Well played teams.

5:03 PM, Umpire’s verdict, no penalty corner for India.

5:02 PM, India has gone for a referral asking for PC in the last two minutes of the game.

4:59 PM, India is eyeing on the equaliser but two minutes late. Argentina managed the game very well by keeping the ball in India’s half.

4:53 PM, Penalty corner to India. Argentina successfully saved itself. India still struggling to take lead.

4:51 PM, India is furious now, making continuous efforts to snatch the possession from the opponent.

4:47 PM, Fourth quarter begins. India has 15 minutes to turn the match in favour.

4:45 PM, End of the third quarter. India lags 1-2 against Argentina.

4:36 PM, Argentina still in dominion. India struggling to make raids in the opposition circle.

4:34 PM, Argentina’s goal upheld. South American team leads 2-1.

4:31 PM, This time Argentina converts the PC. That goes for an umpire referral though.

4:30 PM, Argentina earn a Penalty Corner in just five minutes entering the third quarter.

4:23 PM, Third quarter starts.

4:14 PM, Half time. Both teams are 1-1.

4:10 PM, Argentina earned a PC. Can India deflect it?

4:09 PM, the umpire reviews the video. No penalty corner for India this time.

4:07 PM, Another penalty for India. Argentina has gone for a referral.

4:05 PM, India failed to convert. Argentina survived again.

4:05 PM, Another PC for India.

4:05 PM, Argentina dodged off the ball almost immediately.

4:03 PM, Penalty corner to India. Rani Rampal and Salima Tete combined to get a PC for India.

4:00 PM, India is not happy. Looking to hit back on the opponent.

3:57 PM, At last, Argentina made a goal by taking advantage of the PC. Both stand 1-1.

3:54 PM, Another penalty corner to Argentina.

3:53 PM, Argentina failed to take advantage again. India is still in lead.

3:52 PM, Penalty corner to Argentina.

3:52 PM, Second quarter begins! Argentina is all set to attack back on the opponent. Tension hurling over the stadium.

3:52 PM, First quarter ends. India leads Argentina 1-0.

3:51 PM, Medical attention needed. Navneet Kaur has to leave the field for the moment after a head collision with an opponent player, who also left the field for treatment.

3:45 PM, The Argentines are eyeing for more of the ball, team India trying to defend at best.

3:40 PM, First penalty corner to Argentina. Can India stop the opponent?

3:39 PM, Argentina make a circle entry but the Indian defence hastily crowds out the opposition and the ball is averted from danger.

3:37 PM, India is all enthused, playing with full confidence. Argentina is trying to cope up with the early blow.

3:34 PM, And Goal! Gurjit Kaur successfully converts the PC. What a start. Well done team India!

3:32 PM, India is awarded a penalty corner. Can they convert it?

3:30 PM, Whistle blew! Sjoerd Marijne’s India went off to write a new chapter on the women hockey team’s achievement. Aimed to reach the place where no other team has ever been to. Argentina stands in the way of a historic final.

3:25 PM, Teams are ready. India started the match.

2:50 PM, After stunning Aussies, India is ready to take on Argentina. Can they beat the heavyweight champions team?

India women hockey team made it to the semifinals for the first time at the Olympics. The achievement is beyond words!

How does India come so far?

After giving a befitting reply to Australia, the Indian women hockey team qualified for the first time for the semifinal at the Olympics. India is just a win away to settle its victory in the Summer Games.

It was Gurjit Kaurโ€™s strike that contributed to world no. 2 champion Australiaโ€™s defeat. Rani Rampal and her squad have prepared their grounds to take on the opponent, Argentina, on Aug 3. So far the women in blue have already performed their best at the Olympics, and should they succeed in defeating Argentina they will end in the top two spots on the podium.

India played its maiden quarter-final match against heavyweight Australia on Monday. Throughout the event, the national team struggled to score a goal, but the air blew to their favour only at 22โ€™ with Gurjit Kaur being able to strike the lone goal, favouring Indiaโ€™s victory. Although Australians fought tooth and nail to give a befitting reply to India, Rani and her team managed to keep them at bay and clinched a heroic victory.

Team India was able to save eight giant PCs while converting only one that they got in the match to script a historical win at the Olympics. Before facing Australia, India took on Ireland and South Africa in their final group stage games.

โ€œVery happy with the win, everybody worked very hard for this win. We performed like one team and we are feeling so happy to have qualified for the semifinals. Thank you to all those who supported the Indian womenโ€™s team. This team is like a family, including the coaching staff. Our entire country supports us and everybodyโ€™s prayers are with us,โ€ said Gurjit Kaur, the lone goal-getter after winning the game. 

On the other hand, Argentina won over Germany 2-0 in their quarter-final battle. Argentina is positioned 5th in the world. They have claimed victory in five out of six matches, losing their opening match against New Zealand.

It will be a real test for team India to face a team like Argentina on the battleground.

Score Board of India

  • India lost to Netherlands 5-1
  • India lost to Germany 2-0
  • India lost to Great Britain 4-1
  • India beat Ireland 1-0
  • India beat South Africa 4-3
  • India beat Australia 1-0 (QF)

Score Board of Argentina

  • Argentina lost to New Zealand 3-0
  • Argentina beat Spain 3-0
  • Argentina beat China 3-2
  • Argentina beat Japan 2-1
  • Argentina beat Australia 2-0
  • Argentina beat Germany 2-0

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