…and history is created, women team reached semifinals for the first time

August 2, 2021

Day 10 in the Olympics, the heat was all over the podium in the Oi hockey stadium. After a wait of 41 years, the Indian women hockey team reached the quarterfinals and took against Australia on Monday. But the journey doesn’t end here as the national team scripted history by defeating world champion Australia.

India kick-started a favourable week with the women team making their entry straight to the semifinals for the first time in the Olympics. The victory deciding goal is credited to the account of Gurjit Kaur. India won against the opponent 1-0.

Rani Rampal and her squad will face Argentina, who beat Germany 3-0 in the previous quarterfinal match, in the semis on Wednesday.

The women’s team has never been in the semifinals at the Olympics. They last performed in 1980, gave their best but ended at the fourth position among six teams. This is their third appearance at the Olympics – 1980, 2016 and 2020/21.

Here are the highlights of the match:

Women’s hockey quarterfinal – India vs Australia

8:30 AM, The whistle is blown followed by game rituals. Both the teams were on their toes to beat the opponent.

8:43 AM, India’s Sharmila taken out of the stadium, it appears to be a back injury for taking her out of the podium. The first quarter continues to be full of tension.

8:47 AM, None of the team was able to score a goal in the first quarter.

9:00 AM, Second-quarter began, brings joy to the cart of India as the team secured a goal against Australia.

9:13 AM, Gurjit Kaur kicked off a penalty corner that made India lead against the world No. 2 Australian team in Tokyo.

9:33 AM, Australia is anxious as India still leads. Five minutes left in Q3.

9:36 AM, Third quarter ends. India still holds the dominion.

9:46 AM, the fourth quarter advances. India defended the first five of the last 15 minutes successfully. Australia couldn’t permeate areas across the 23-yard mark. India leads 1-0.

10:00 AM, for the first time in the history team India made it to the semifinals in the Olympics.

Semifinals here comes team India, eager to meet you!!

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