Walmiki foresees a medal to team India if Olympics takes place

June 4, 2021

The year was 2011 when the Indian hockey team defeated Pakistan in the final and won the Asian Champions Trophy. In his words, Yuvraj Walmiki, a striker, the feeling was ecstatic. Watching the Indian flag hoisted high as we triumph over Pakistan and that too was because of me, the feeling is still short of words to express, he added.

Until now he has played 52 matches and claimed 14 goals for team India. Walmiki, who idolises former India captain Dhanraj Pillay, played in the German Hockey league for eight years, anticipates a medal to team India if Tokyo Olympics are held as scheduled.

He was also a prime member of the World Cup in 2014, which took place in the Netherlands.

It was in the latest episode of ‘Sportstiger Talks’, where he not only shared about the gut feeling of team India winning a medal in the upcoming Olympics but hardships he had faced so far to reach the place he is today, his desire to participate in the entertainment industry and much more.

“Team India is preparing really well under the leadership of Shreejesh and Manpreet Singh,” observed Walmiki.

Proceeding with the talk he added, “I still have this gut feeling… In case, Tokyo Olympics takes place, the Indian hockey team will bag a medal this time. I have this strong belief in my heart.”

It is to be recalled that the Indian Hockey team has bagged a maximum of eight golds in the Olympics, the highest so far by any country. The last boast was in Moscow Olympics, 1980, defeating Spain by 4-3 in the final.

“I don’t have any competitors, I keep competing with myself to become a better human and work hard every day. In the end, it worked out well for me and to wear the tricolour badge on our chest is probably the biggest motivation for every sportsman,” he shared while recalling those struggling days when he stayed in a 10*10 room in Mumbai with no electricity or availability of any other resources, it was his passion which kept him going on and on.      

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