Men’s Team India Faced a Second Defeat in the Australia Five Day Hockey Match Series

May 17, 2019

The final match of Australia tour again started with great excitement. Both the teams were in the form to give their best shots. The game was quite exciting from beginning till end. Both the teams played very well but the team India lost the second match of the series with a score IND 2-5 AUS.

Below are the highlights of the match:

Quarter 1 – In the first quarter, the Australia team without wasting time made a circle entry and gave a great shot but saved by Indian goalkeeper Krishan Pathak. In the next minutes, another great shot by Australia team and finally a goal in the 3rd minute with a score IND 0-1 AUS. Another great shot by team India at the goal but missed. Team Australia played aggressive and giving back to back shots but team India showed defensive skills to avoid further loss. PC was awarded to India but missed to score a goal. Next PC to Australia, but India kept on saving all the shots at the goal. Australia got possession and scored another goal. In the next minutes another great shot by Niakanta Sharma and finally a first goal of the match in the 12th minute making the score IND 1-2 AUS at the end of the first quarter.

Quarter 2 – In the second quarter, Australia team started with a great shot but no further loss. India got the free hit but missed the shot. Mandeep Singh showed great skills but the shot goes the wrong way. India team got possession in the next minutes by no goal recorded. India got a free hit again but missed. Another great shot by Trent Mitton of team Australia followed by a PC and another goal by Blake Govers making the score IND 1-4 AUS at the end of the first half.

Quarter 3 – In the third quarter, team India ruled the ball in initial minutes, but missed the shot at the goal. Multiple free hits to team India and multiple entries to circle, but all saved. Tim Brand of team Australia scored a goal in the 43rd minute making the score IND 1-5 AUS at the end of the third quarter.

Quarter 4 – Team India seemed aggressive to score goals in the last quarter and left no stone unturned to give great shots. A PC was awarded to India and finally the second goal by Rupinder Pal in the last minutes of the match thereby making the score IND 2-5 AUS. Team India played well but lost the second match of the series.

And finally, the Australian tour ended with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats for Team India.

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