Women’s Hockey Team India Won the Bilateral Series in Malaysia with 4-0 Score

April 11, 2019

Being the last match of the series and already having a lead of 3-0 in the previous matches, team India seems relaxed yet willing to score the goal and win the match as well. The team did it well and made a win with a score INDIA 1-0 MALAYSIA. Adding up the score of the previous score of the matches, India won the series with 4-0.

Below are the highlights of the match:

Quarter 1 – The first PC was awarded to team India and great efforts were made by the players but no goal scored. Seeking out for a goal opportunity and got the PC again. The opposing team seemed in pressure to score a goal and kept on saving all the great shots by team India at the goal. No goal was scored by any of the team and the first quarter ended with INDIA 0-0 MALAYSIA.

Quarter 2 – The next quarter started with other goal-scoring opportunities, but none of the team was able to score a goal. Like in the yesterday’s match the first half ended at India 0-0 MALAYSIA score.

Quarter 3 – The third quarter started and both the teams were striving to score at least a single goal and finally Navjot did it by scoring a goal in the 35th minute. Team Malaysia tried their best but unable to score a goal and third quarter ended at INDIA 1-0 MALAYSIA score.

Quarter 4 – In the final quarter team India was awarded the PC to get another lead but in spite of great shots, the team was unable to score a goal. Both teams tried well, but in the last quarter, the score remained the same INDIA 1-0 MALAYSIA. 

So, that’s all about the highlights of the match and end of Bilateral series. Well done Team India!


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