Asian Games 2018-India Crushed Japan by 8 -0

August 25, 2018

Hello Hockey Lovers! Another Great day for India, Indian Lions crushed Japan 8-0. The Game was full of excitement. Check the highlights here:
First Quarter: First quarter started, 10 seconds of the game first penalty corner for India but missed it. Japan settle down pressing the Indian midfielder to regain possession and Goal. India go on the offensive again as Lalit Upadhyay and Dilpreet have their shots blocked from close range. After few minutes Dilpreet scored and second Goal for India. Score 2– 0.
Second Quarter: Japan looked threatening on couple of occasions on counter attack but all their attacks were vanished by Indian Defense. Goal for India .Score was 3 – 0. Sunil turns two defenders inside out, but is blocked by next two markers inside the area. Great efforts by both sides but Japan failed to achieve goal. Score was 3- 0.
Third Qaurter: in the first ten seconds of the second half India got Penalty corner but Japanese goalkeeper saved it. Another Penalty corner for India and Goal by Mandeep Singh. End of the Thrid quarter and score was 5 -0.
Fourth Quarter:Final quarter begun and great pressure on Japan. Goal by Vivek and India reached on 7. Good efforts by Japan but bad lick they failed to get 1 goal. Mandeep singh scored 8th goal. End of the game and score was 8-0. India won the match.

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