India Hold England to Draw – Women Hockey World Cup 2018

July 21, 2018

Hello Hockey Lovers! Today was the first day of Women Hockey World Cup 2018. India Vs England match was very interesting from start. Check Highlights below:

Quarter 1:

The first quarter was started and at the 42 seconds of the game and penalty corner for England. Indian defenders get the ball away with ease. Counter attack from India. The ball had been mostly in the Indian half. Second Penalty corner for England but the hosts miss the trick again. Just under 1 minute to go and both teams still struggle for the goal. At the end of first quarter both teams were at 0 – 0.

Quarter 2:

Second Quarter Begins Danson found Quick Cross for England. Indian Skipper did good job and after few seconds third Penalty corner For England. Back to Back Penalty corners for England but Indian Goal Keeper punched the ball away. Another review from India and Umpire rules Penalty Corner.  Neha Goyal gave lead to India in 25 minute. Till the half time India England 1 – 0.
Quarter 3:

England Queens played more aggressively at the beginning of third Quarter. Brilliant play by Danson but Savita played very well and Indian team fails all efforts of England Team. At the end of Third Quarter India England 1 -0.

Quarter 4: Final Quarter begins. Penalty corner for England.  Beautifully saved by Indian Defenders. Another Penalty corner for England but fails to achieve goal. Match was full of thrill. Goal for England. Lily Owsely equalized the game. Final Score both teams were at 1 -1.

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