Jaypee Punjab Warriors Book Place in Semi-Final

February 16, 2016

With a draw between Jaypee Punjab Warriors and Kalinga Lancers in Chandigarh, the Punjab Warriors has booked their place in the list of semifinalists with total 29 points.
The game was very interesting to see Kalinga Lancers were able to get their first success to make a field goal through Malak Singh taking a lead of 2-0 over Punjab in the very first quarter. After 15 minutes Kalingas got another advantage as second field goal from Quirjin Caspers in the 29th minute which extended their lead to 4-0 in the match at the end of the second quarter.

Jaypee Punjab Warriors Book Place in Semi-Final, draw match with Kalinga Lancers

Jaypee Punjab Warriors Vs Kalinga Lancers in Chandigarh

Punjab Warriors were battling to equalize the score from the start of the 3rd quarter and got success in 35th minute with a field goal from Mathew Ghodes making 2-4 but still in the favor of Kalinga Lancers.
Both teams looked tried hard to get another score but in the 59th minute Jake Whetton finally got the hosts the much needed equalizer field goal making a draw with 4-4. This was the first draw of 4th Coal India Hockey India League.

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