The Ultimate Goal is to win an Olympic Medal: Neha Goyal

September 9, 2020

Neha Goyal member of the Indian Women Hockey Team Midfielder has faced many challenges to make herself on the top level. She has had to battle financial crises when she decided hockey as her career, as her family was not able to procure sports equipment for her and later. During the practice, she had many injuries. But her never give up attitude never let her down and helped to tackle all the barriers in her career so far.

Let’s take a look at what she has to say –

“It was really tough for me when I started playing hockey in the fifth standard. My mother would work day and night to make sure that we had enough food and therefore it was very difficult for her to save some money for my equipment. And once I made it to the top level, I faced numerous injuries and was out of the Indian team for a long time. However, the most important thing for me was that I never gave up and kept persisting to beat any obstacle in my career and I am very glad that I have featured in many games for India since 2017 after coming back,”

23 Years old Goyal has played 75 matches so far said that “The Ultimate Goal is the win an Olympics Medal.

Goyal has shared some daily work plan as- 

We are focusing on the Tokyo Olympics at the moment. We have been working hard on our fitness in the last few months and we will do everything we can to keep getting better at our game in the next few months.” 

We had a fabulous 2019 after winning the FIH Women’s Series Finals and booking a place in the Olympics through the FIH Hockey Olympic Qualifiers. We have competed well against top teams in the recent past and therefore we have the belief that we can make history in Tokyo next year. It’s our ultimate goal to win a medal at the Olympics,”

When she got asked about her inspiration in her career, She said Former India Captain Pritam Rani Siwach has had a great influence on her career.  

She said, “ She used to watch Pritam Rani’s photographs in the Local newspaper and used to visit the ground to watch her play, then once Pritam Rani asked her why does she come daily to the ground then Goyal told that she wants to play hockey, as goyal’s parents were not able to afford hockey equipment, Pritam Rani helped her with hockey equipment and told to do hard work.”


“I wouldn’t be here without her where I am today“ – Goyal Said