Asian Hockey Games 2018 – Complete Schedule

August 10, 2018

The 18th edition of Asian Hockey Games 2018 is going to held between 19 August to 2 September 2018 at Jakarta, Indonesia. 21 Teams from 14 countries will go head to head in the Men’s and Women’s categories in 60 matches over a course of 14 days. This is the first time in the history of Hockey Competitions at the Asian Games that highest number of teams are going to participate in the competition. The winning teams of the Men’s and Women’s hockey will book their place in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Check the complete Schedule of Both Teams Here:


20 AugustPool A12:00Korea - Hong Kong China
Pool A14:00Japan - Sri Lanka
Pool B16:00Bangladesh - Oman
Pool B18:00Pakistan - Thailand
Pool B20:00Malaysia - Indonesia
22 AugustPool B12:00Malaysia - Thailand
Pool B14:00Pakistan - Oman
Pool A16:00Korea - Sri Lanka
Pool A18:00India - Hong Kong China
Pool B20:00Indonesia - Bangladesh
24 AugustPool B12:00Oman - Thailand
Pool B14:00Bangladesh - Malaysia
Pool A16:00Japan - India
Pool B18:00Indonesia - Pakistan
Pool A20:00Sri Lanka - Hong Kong China
26 AugustPool A12:00Hong Kong China - Japan
Pool B14:00Thailand - Bangladesh
Pool A16:00Korea - India
Pool B18:00Pakistan - Malaysia
Pool B20:00Oman - Indonesia
28 AugustPool B12:00Bangladesh - Pakistan
Pool A14:00India - Sri Lanka
Pool B16:00Malaysia - Oman
Pool A18:00japan - Korea
Pool B20:00Thailand - Indonesia
30 August9th -11th12:305th Pool A - 6th Pool B
7th - 8th15:004th Pool A- 4th Pool B
SF117:301st Pool A - 2nd Pool B
SF220:001st pool B - 2nd pool A
1 September9th- 10th12:30Winner M26 - 5th Pool B
5th - 6th15:003rd Pool A- 3rd Pool B
3th - 4th17:30Loser SF1 - Loser SF2
Final20:00Winner SF1 - Winner SF2
21:15Victory Ceremony



19 AugustPool A14:00Japan v Chinese Taipei
Pool A16:00Malaysia v Hong Kong China
Pool B18:00Thailand v Kazakhstan
Pool B20:00India v Indonesia
21 AugustPool B14:00India v Kazakhstan
Pool A16:00Japan v Hong Kong China
Pool A18:00China v Chinese Taipei
Pool B20:00Korea v Indonesia
23 AugustPool B14:00Thailand v Korea
Pool A16:00 Malaysia v China
Pool A18:00Hong Kong China v Chinese Taipei
Pool B20:00Kazakhstan v Indonesia
25 AugustPool A14:00Chinese Taipei v Malaysia
Pool B16:00Indonesia v Thailand
Pool B18:00India v Korea
Pool A20:00Japan v China
27 AugustPool A14:00China v Hong Kong China
Pool B16:00Korea v Kazakhstan
Pool B18:00Thailand v India
Pool A20:00Malaysia v Japan
29 August7th- 8th12:304th Pool A - 4th Pool B
5th -6th15:003rd Pool A - 3rd Pool B
SF117:301st Pool A - 2nd Pool B
SF220:001st Pool B - 2nd Pool A
31 August9th -10th15:005th Pool A - 5th Pool B
3th - 4th17:30Loser SF1- Loser SF2
Final20:00Winner SF1 - Winner SF2
21:15Victory Ceremony


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