India beat Italy by 3-0 and qualify for Quarter final

August 1, 2018

Ray of joy for Indian Hockey Lover’s as India Women Hockey team crushed Italy by 3-0 and reached quarter Final. World No 10 India produced a good all-round display. Check the highlights below:

Quarter 1: With the whistle from referee first quarter begins and Indian queens looked aggressive from the start and dominate the ball in the opening minutes. First Penalty corner for the India and Goal!! Lalremsiami nets the ball inside Italian circle. Italian team worked hard to equalize the score but good defence by Indian queens and at the end of first quarter IND 1 – 0.

Quarter 2 : Second Quarter started and dominating start by the Indian team. They looked for the second goal but missed the chance as Udita misses a simple chance and fails to collect the ball inside Italian circle. India continues to attack but at the end of the second quarter, score was 1 -0.

Quarter 3: Third quarter started, good start by Italy as they were desperate to equalize the score but good defence by Indian queens. Penalty corner for India after video referral but missed. Green card for Sunita Lakra from the umpire. Penalty corner for India, Powerful stroke from Rani but Italian defenders clear the ball with ease. Penalty corner again and Goal!!. At the end of the third quarter score 2 -0.

Quarter 4: At the beginning of final quarter India lead by 2 – 0.Penalty corner for Italy in the opening minutes of the final quarter but good save from Savita and cleared with ease by Deepika. Penalty corner for India with just over 6 minutes remained. Goal!!. Final Whistle from the referee and the final score was 3 – 0. India won the match.

India wins 3-0 against Italy and qualifies for the quarter final. Will meet Ireland on Thursday.


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