Asian Games league Matches Review

November 23, 2010

Sandeep Singh – The Man of all league Matches

It sounds great to write about Indian Men’ Hockey Team that they have won all of their league matches. Indian team performance up to now can be considered as very good however there are many areas which need improvement.

But one man who wins heart this time is Sandeep Singh. He has done his duty very well by hitting 10 goals up to now in this tournament.

In the very first match with Hong Kong he hit the rivals net 2 times, however all other 5 goals were field goals by Bharat Chikara, Sarvanjit Singh, Tushar Khandker, Arjun Halappa, Shivendra Singh and made India a fine start in the tournament.

Next Match was with Bangladesh and this time Sandeep Singh made a Hetrick by converting 4 penalty corners into goals, where as Tushar Khandekar slotted two goals and Shivendra Singh, Rajpal Singh and Dharamvir Singh scored 1 Goal each.

Now its the turn of Pakistan where Sandeep singh started campaign with his first goal in very 2nd min of the game and then in second half when the game was going looking difficult for both teams to win. third field goal was by Dharmvir Singh on 16th min.

And then in last league match game with japan, he is the only player who saved the game, India’s Team Performance in this match was not of that mark but Sandeep Singh saved the match by converting 2 penalty corners into goals on 38th and 62nd minute. the only field goal was by Captain Rajpal Singh in the 31st min.

Sandeep Singh is leading team in terms of no. of goals up to now:

  • Sandeep Singh – 10 Goals (2 in match with Hong Kong, 4 in match with Bangladesh, 2 in Pakistan match, 2 in match with Japan).
  • Tushar Khandker – 3 Goals (1 in  match with Hong Kong, 2 in match with Bangladesh).
  • Captain Rajpal Singh – 2 Goals (1 in match with Bangladesh, 1 in match with Japan).
  • Dharamvir Singh – 2 Goals (1 in match with Bangladesh, 1  in Pakistan Match).
  • Shivendra Singh – 2 Goals (1 in  match with Hong Kong, 1 in match with Bangladesh).
  • Bharat Chikara – 1 Goal in  match with Hong Kong.
  • Sarvanjit Singh – 1 Goal in  match with Hong Kong.
  • Arjun Halappa – 1  Goal in  match with Hong Kong.

Lets keep eye on Semi-Finals from today(22rd Nov).  I will keep Everything Posted about Indian Hockey here.